Working proactively with property and construction organisations

Adur Property Advice Services

Perfect Circle has been appointed by Adur District Council to provide services on a number of commissions. Through Utilising our local supply chain, Perfect Circle has been able to undertake a wide range of services across the District including tendering, project management of refurbishment projects, commercial surveying, staff secondment and viability advice.

The pre-defined rates for professional services has allowed Adur District Council to deploy services quickly, with Perfect Circle having proving value for money.

Outcomes and Successes

In response to local housing needs Perfect Circle has assisted in the development of the first authority delivered accommodation in the District since 1989. The new complex overlooking the sea will provide 15 affordable homes available for rent and 29 private homes for sale.

In other areas of the District we have assessed the use of the Council’s commercial portfolio and existing housing stock to investigate the development of new affordable properties to rent.

All new homes are being delivered by careful management of multiple stakeholders in the public and private sector.


Perfect Circle has structured agreements with the private sector and orchestrated relationships between the Council and private partners.

The development of new housing will improve the public realm and identify new ways of providing temporary and emergency accommodation.

Smart technology will be introduced into the development to monitor air quality, detect leakages and install automated lighting allowing the Council to understand how properties are being used.

Passive heat monitoring will also be used to allowing the Council to understand how many occupants are within a building at any given time. In the event of emergency, the Council will be able to give occupancy data to emergency services.

Added Value

Perfect Circle has offered project roles to local consultants and have tendered locally where appropriate, using pre-determined value for money on hourly rates. By working within Adur and Worthing offices, we have been able to advise on matters beyond the appointment, including new site opportunities.

Social, Economic and Environmental Benefits

By working with Rolton Group on this project, Perfect Circle has helped an SME gain access to public sector opportunities that they wouldn’t have had otherwise. This has also given Rolton Group’s graduate engineers and apprentices the chance to work in Worthing, helping to further develop the skills and experience of the next generation of engineers. This project has also provided Rolton Group with the valuable chance to be part of an alternative procurement route, helping to further shape the future of public sector procurement in a way that is more accessible to small to medium enterprises.

Key Details


Adur District Council


South East

Completion due 2020

Scape BECS (Professional Services)

Project Management, Masterplanning and Acqusition and Land Advice

“Perfect Circle has given the two Councils the opportunity to access a swift, OJEU compliant procurement route for a huge range of consultancy services, such as cost consultancy, development management, and specialist advice on site conditions – all via the JV partners and the supply-chain. These services have been provided to a consistently high standard on our large strategic projects and also for small, one-off pieces of work.”

Emma Davies, Project Manager, Audr and Worthing Councils