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Hereford Centre for Cyber Security

The Hereford Centre for Cyber Security will provide specific laboratory equipment, testing facilities, innovation workspace and collaborative research and development units. This will enable the private sector to utilise University of Wolverhampton (UoW) expertise, extended networks and capacity to stimulate new applications and other products.

The development is located on a brown field site and ensures that the building reaches a minimum of ‘Very Good’ under Building Research Establishment (BREEAM) and is a fundamental element of the design brief being developed during the pre-project planning stages. As part of the building’s commitment to sustainability, the project will adopt and implement standards for good practice in reducing waste, recycling and increasing the use of recycled and recovered materials.

Outcomes and Successes

The goals of the centre are to create:

  • A testing facility for Internet and Global Information Grid research
  • Facilitate the scientific use of cyber testing methods
  • Development and deployment of state-of-the-art cyber testing capabilities
  • Provide a virtual environment for quantitative, qualitative and realistic assessment of potentially ground breaking cyber technologies for research and ongoing commercialisation.

Added Value 

Perfect Circle worked closely with the client to select the design team. The university had a shortlist of architects they had in mind for the project and Perfect Circle was able to use its detailed vetting process to allow for a handful of design teams to be awarded to the approval supply chain.

Social, Economic and Environmental Benefits

Creating more opportunities for the region is one of the main priorities and deliverables of the Hereford Centre for Cyber Security.

Part of the remit for the project is to utilise local skills and resources as much as possible, creating more job opportunities for the local community, and by extension, assisting in growing the regional economy. The local contractor selected for the project aims to build on this by utilising sub-contractors within a 30 mile radius to deliver the project.

Once complete, the centre will help to put the West Midlands on the map within the tech world, creating more sought after career opportunities within the sector for the local market.

Key Details

£9 million

University of Wolverhampton

Higher Education

West Midlands

Planning Approved

Scape BECS (Professional Services)

Project Management and Quantity Surveying

“The Perfect Circle team are working proactively with the contractor and University of Wolverhampton key stakeholders through the Stage 2 tender process. The fixed budget for the project is presenting some difficult challenges but the collaborative approach being taken by the team is progressively mitigating these challenges without significantly impacting on the design and functionality of the building.”

Paul Davis, Assistant Director of Estates and Facilities, University of Wolverhampton