Working proactively with property and construction organisations

Steve Johns

Business Development Lead

Steve is involved in the AECOM Client Account Management, with responsibility for several key clients. He is also the AECOM Business Development lead for the Scape BECS framework; one of the largest single source, public sector frameworks in the UK, anticipated to deliver upwards of £350 million to Perfect Circle during the four year framework period.

Steve is a professional engineer with a career as an engineer and a property developer, with over forty years’ experience of working in the built and natural environment. His ‘developer’ experience enables him to fully appreciate client drivers and aspirations in the world of developing real estate.

He is privileged to be part of AECOM, a Design, Build, Fund and Operate (DBFO) global corporation quite like no other, with immense talent, involved in some of the most exciting, inspiring and sustainable projects, on the face of the planet.