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Construction management

Your journey to construction management

Construction management begins with the appointment of a professional construction manager.

Construction management is an alternative to traditional contracting. A construction manager is appointed to specify, procure and manage works packages on behalf of the client who then contracts directly with the trade contractors on those packages.

Perfect Circle’s experienced construction managers will then ensure the project is delivered cost effectively, with a pro-active management of risk and to your desired timescales for a percentage of the project value.

Our collaborative, package-based procurement route puts the customer in direct control, and delivers up to 20% savings against traditional design and build contracts.


Our five strategic pillars

Take control

Perfect Circle delivers a tailored procurement approach. This increased level of flexibility and choice ensures your exacting requirements can be met and exceeded. We support you in building direct and meaningful relationships with project management professionals, local trade contractors and suppliers. All project contingencies are owned by you.

Save money

Our strategic approach ensures you avoid main contractor overheads and margin costs. All project trade packages are competitively tendered on commercial terms and aligned specifically to your needs. This allows you to continually shape the design and specifications of your project, while keeping within the constraints of your budget.

Manage risk

Engagement with our trade contractor experts from the outset helps to de-risk your project. We will work diligently to protect your interests for the full longevity of your project, working collaboratively towards a common purpose.


Our construction management approach is fully governed to provide significantly higher levels of transparency to improve verification and audit reporting.

Social value

With our construction management you will positively contribute to social sustainability. By spending locally to stimulate the local economy and providing new employment opportunities to enhance the regional skills base, your project will have a direct and positive impact on the wider community - now and in the future.

Perfect Circle’s experienced construction managers can support you to deliver a faster programme with significant cost savings, while providing a pro-active management of risk.


There are many ways clients can engage with Perfect Circle

The Perfect Circle team are here to support you on your journey. Download our latest flyer for more information about construction management.


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