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Option G

What is an Option G?

Term Service Contract

An Option G, under the NEC3 Professional Services Contract provides an overarching arrangement that allows clients to:

Call off professional services on a flexible and non-committal basis over a longer term, enabling continuity and consistency of delivery after the expiry of the framework on 4th January 2021.

Call off a defined programme of works as individual projects or activities documented in a Task Schedule which is appended to the overarching Option G Contract.

Call off professional services on a defined project on a progressive phase-by-phase basis, with Purchase Orders instructing services captured in Task Orders in line with the Task Schedule.

Combine the above to provide a flexible call off arrangement to cover professional services across complex property transformation, regeneration or rationalisation programmes.

Retain complete control: there is no obligation on clients to draw down any services, at any time, or to the full specification/amount stated in the Task Schedule.

the benefits

What are the benefits of an Option G Team Service Contract?

It’s the quickest and simplest way to commission professional services and support, once the overarching contract and schedule of services is in place.

We undertake the same performance management and ensure the same procurement compliance as all other contract types under the framework, assured by regular audits.

The duration of the arrangement can be directly aligned with the timescale of the project/programme, or for a longer term to provide greater continuity and certainty.

Through the Option G arrangement, we can provide a long-term platform on which effective strategic partnership arrangements and service/personnel continuity can be established and maintained. Clients can still align individual Task Orders to annual budgets to retain effective financial management.

It is the easiest and most efficient way to draw down professional services using simple Task Orders that define the scope of services, timescales and fee arrangements.

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