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Statutory compliance

Your journey to statutory compliance for your property estate

As an organisation, you have obligations. There is no justification for not knowing the true status of these Statutory Obligations. Failure can lead to unlimited fines and imprisonment.

The journey to compliance doesn’t have to involve huge costs immediately. It’s all about having a structured plan in place to get to compliance.

Perfect Circle is fully equipped to support you through this process using our five strategic pillars, years of experience and expertise in this field and a proven track record of supporting other organisations like yours.


Our five strategic pillars


Instil this initiative into the very fabric and culture of your organisation to ensure that everyone is on the same journey and are advocates of estate compliance. This is the principal failure point.

Establish your duty of care

What is the real extent and nature of the statutory and legislative requirements in your estate? What is best practice for policies?

Identify your programme

You need to have a clear understanding of what deliverables are required to reach statutory compliance. Visibility of your assets is critical.

Test, monitor, report and update

Carry out the testing, monitor the results, report results to the senior executives, action any gaps, keep updates on changes to regulation. Keep repeating the process.


Instil independence and objectivity in your verification of the process, auditing and reporting to the CEO.

The journey to compliance doesn’t have to involve huge costs immediately. It’s all about having a structured plan in place to get to compliance.


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The Perfect Circle team are here to support you on your journey. Download our latest flyer for more information about statutory compliance.


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