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How we can help you on your journey to net zero carbon

As an organisation, you have made your climate emergency pledge to stakeholders and your communities. Now it is time to deliver. The COVID-19 crisis has taken over many authorities’ agendas, but we are still in the midst of a climate emergency and being net zero carbon remains a high priority.

You may already have a top line roadmap set out in support of this macro vision and commitment from your teams, but breaking down these elements into the many deliverables can feel like an overwhelmingly impossible task. This is where Perfect Circle can help you.


Our five strategic pillars

Asset rationalisation

We can help you undertake a thorough review of your portfolio to ensure assets are fit for purpose and are being used efficiently. The aim here is to maximise the use of existing resources, whilst helping you to identify cost savings and assets to be released for sale or redevelopment. You can also identify value creation by looking at creating more flexible spaces in your buildings and extending their lifecycles.


It may seem that offsetting is the end game, when in fact it’s an essential stepping stone and part of a managed transition to achieve net zero carbon. Offsetting can play a part in all of those key pillars aforementioned and we will ensure that optimal offsetting measures are strategically placed to reduce your carbon footprint at all stages.

Energy efficiency and renewables

Here we can assist you to ensure that assets are designed, built, operated and maintained in the most energy efficient way possible. With this also comes cost efficiencies.

Minimising the use of energy which relies on carbon emitting fuels is vital for reversing the affects of climate change – but it also creates a significant business opportunity both on and off site. With our experience we are positioned to find those strategic opportunities for you.

Materials and resources

This is an area where we can support you in your quest to decarbonise the operating and construction process from off site DfMAD to the specification of ‘circular’ products and components, meaning they can be reused over a longer term and reduce wastage.

Our qualified experts can support the delivery of ‘green’ infrastructure which works in harmony with natural systems. Creating regenerative and restorative solutions – working to zero waste and zero pollution objectives.


In a world where our entire economic system is built upon our reliance on fossil fuels, changing the way people think about the planet is no mean feat. But it has to be done. The future wellbeing of our nation and beyond is of paramount importance. Perfect Circle can provide crucial support throughout this transition to you and your communities with the qualified experts in place to bring about this social change. Mindset is perhaps the only thing standing between you and meeting your commitment to the carbon neutral agenda.

Who is Perfect Circle?

We deliver the broadest range of consultancy services available to the public sector via Scape Group’s fully compliant National Built Environment Consultancy Services (BECS) framework. Providing you with years of qualified experience in this field, Perfect Circle is fully equipped to help you deliver your net zero carbon plan and the cost efficiencies that will be essential in light of COVID-19. We are already helping organisations just like yours to achieve their
net zero carbon ambitions.

Whether it’s advice you need in specific areas or support across your whole journey to net zero carbon neutrality and beyond, we can assist. Our work can start right at the beginning of the process by conducting a thorough audit of your current status. We can also assist with the mapping out of your key deliverables and formulate a robust strategy for implementation of the future state. We have the resource capabilities to project manage all or some aspects of your deliverables, including technical elements, common data environments and regulatory compliance.

We also understand that a crucial, much wider piece of work must not be forgotten. Inspiring and engendering changes in behaviour across your organisation and within the community will be essential for this agenda to become a reality. We have the specialist capabilities in place to influence this level of social change.

We're here to help you deliver your climate emergency pledge and on your journey to net zero carbon.


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