Lesley Gillespie | Perfect Circle

Framework Manager - Gleeds

Lesley Gillespie

Lesley leads Gleeds Framework Management Office and is Gleeds’ Framework Manager for the SCAPE Consultancy | Built Environment framework. Since 2017, her role under this framework is primarily to ensure that all services are delivered in a compliant fashion and meet or exceed the performance standards and framework commitments. In support of this, Lesley has successfully designed and implemented new and improved processes and toolkits for both Perfect Circle and Gleeds to address the specific demands of the framework.

Through her support to clients, Scape and our delivery teams, Lesley has consistently engaged with individuals at all levels of business internally and externally to identify and resolve framework challenges. Whether explaining how the framework operates or supporting the development of solutions to deal with project-specific circumstances, her advice is continually based on practical experience and a positive approach to problem solving.


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