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What is Perfect Circle?

Perfect Circle is an incorporated joint venture, operating as a limited company which is jointly owned by three Principal Partners – Pick Everard, Gleeds and AECOM.

What is SCAPE?

SCAPE is a public sector owned, limited company, governed by Public Law. They are a local authority – controlled company whose shareholders are Derby City, Derbyshire County, Gateshead, Nottingham City, Nottinghamshire County and Warwickshire County Councils. Their shareholders nominate directors to the Board and have reserved rights under the Shareholders’ Agreement.

SCAPE was formed by its shareholders in 2006 under the powers contained in the Local Government Act 1972, Local Government Act 1983 section 95 and the Local Government Act 2000. Their roles as a Contracting Authority and Central Purchasing Body were established at the point of their formation. SCAPE has a legal personality, and as such can trade with any organisation. However, as a public sector owned and operated organisation, their main objective is to support the efficient delivery of public sector projects, which make a real difference to the community. The work of SCAPE is covered by Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance to carry out its core operations.

What is SCAPE Consultancy?

SCAPE Consultancy is a direct award framework that drives collaboration, efficiency, time and cost savings. Fully procurement-compliant, it represents a route to the most extensive property, construction and infrastructure consultancy services available to the public sector.

The SCAPE Consultancy | Built Environment and Infrastructure frameworks were awarded to Perfect Circle in 2021 for a four-year term (with the option of a two-year extension), and have a combined value of £600m. The framework can significantly reduce the time needed for brief preparation and procurement procedures, enabling earlier delivery of projects and programmes. Direct access to the SCAPE Consultancy framework provides clients with access to an extensive supply chain, combining the strongest collaborative team with value for money while amplifying the local economic, environmental and social impact of every project.

Is SCAPE Consultancy compliant? How is the framework procured?

For more than a decade, SCAPE has partnered with both nationally recognised and local construction companies, civil engineering companies and consultancy organisations to deliver fully compliant framework services across the UK. Their frameworks are procured via a two stage ’restricted’ process which fully complies with Regulation 28 of the Public Contracts (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) Regulations 2015 and Regulation 29 of the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015. The procurement process is run entirely as an eProcurement, using Delta e-Sourcing. A selection team is formed comprising representatives from SCAPE, the public sector including their local authority Shareholders, independent industry experts and legal advisors. The selection team read and score bids at Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) and Invitation to Tender (ITT) stages as appropriate. A reduced team then participate in and score the interview stage. Tenders are evaluated based on the most economically advantageous tender in accordance with Regulation 67 based on both price and quality. The qualitative and commercial submissions are generally weighted in the ratio of 60% for quality and 40% for price.

Although, SCAPE has weighted price as little as 30%. On completion of the process, one supplier is identified for each of their direct award framework Lots, and they enter the mobilisation period. The actual NEC contracts do not need to be prepared separately, as the relevant aspects are embedded into their Delivery Agreements, with only key project specific elements needing to be completed before signature.

What suppliers can I use?

Contact your Regional Lead to discuss your preferences for local suppliers.

How do I know I’m getting value for money?

The commercial rates that underpin the SCAPE Consultancy | Built Environment and Infrastructure frameworks were competitively tendered against a projected procurement total value of £600 million.

For each commission, we prepare a bespoke fee proposal that demonstrably links back to these commercial rates, giving you as the client complete transparency that you are benefitting from this economy of scale, no matter how small your requirement may be. We ensure supply chain efficiency with competitive market rates, bringing you real value for money.

Can you run tender competitions for suppliers?

If your procurement strategy requires a tendering process, Perfect Circle can do this for you for selected parts of the project team, or for example if you are seeking specific local suppliers. We can work with you to develop sub-consultancy packages for tendering services beyond the Prime Core services of Project Management and Cost Management which will be provided by the Contract Lead Partners as required under the Framework Agreement.

How long does it take to get contracts and agreements set up?

Direct engagement with our team is quick and efficient, resulting in your contract being set up for service delivery in as little as 2 to 20 days depending on scope and complexity. We can significantly reduce the time needed for brief preparation and procurement procedures, ensuring your service delivery starts as soon as you need it.

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