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Delivering real value

Delivering real value

We provide public sector organisations with the fastest route to partnering, delivering real value in projects and social value in communities.

Supporting you at every stage of a built environment project

We support the public sector by offering the broadest range of fully OJEU compliant consultancy services, delivered across the UK by our regional teams and our extensive supply chain network.

We offer the most efficient route to market through direct appointment via Scape Group’s National Built Environment Consultancy Services (BECS) framework – contact your nearest Regional Lead for more information.

the benefits

What are the benefits of procuring a project with Perfect Circle?

Direct appointment

Competitively tendered rates

Real value for money

Fully OJEU compliant

Fastest route to partnering

Contributing social value

Extensive supply chain network

Increasing local spend

Exceeding industry standards


Commissions to date


Hours spent engaging in community events


Supply chain partners

Working with Perfect Circle

Accessing our services via the BECS framework is quick and efficient, following three simple steps:


Complete an Access Agreement


Brief the project team


Sign the Delivery Agreement

Step 1 - Complete an Access Agreement

To access the framework, your organisation must have signed the Scape Access Agreement.

Step 2 - Brief the project team

Before committing to any project, we will agree a clear brief with you to ensure services are tailored and meet your specific requirements.

Step 3 - Sign the Delivery Agreement

Using the NEC3 Professional Service Contract or Short Contract, the Delivery Agreement will set the commercial and technical parameters of our appointments, in line with the overarching Framework Agreement.

Procure a project

Contact your Regional Lead to find out more and discuss your next project.

Contact our team

Why use the BECS framework?

With an expected service delivery of £350 million over four years, the Scape Group National Built Environment Consultancy Services (BECS) framework exclusively offers Perfect Circle; the most extensive property, construction and infrastructure consultancy team available to the public sector.

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Built Environment Consultancy Services

our services

Services that support every stage of project delivery

The Scape Group National BECS framework scope includes a full suite of construction, property, asset management and business consultancy services for the public sector.

The flexibility of our approach, and access to an extensive supply chain network, means we can adapt service provision to meet your needs; integrating additional services into our proposition at any stage of a project - while giving you a single point of contact and accountability, no matter how diverse the service offering.

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Want to know more?

Need more information about what it means to procure a project with us? Visit our FAQs section.

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Considering procuring services? Contact your Perfect Circle Regional Lead.

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We want to assure our clients, local communities, employees and supply chain partners that we have put contingency plans and measures in place to ensure high levels of business resilience to allow us to maintain seamless continuity of our services to minimise service disruption whilst ensuring the health and well-being of all.