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Working with SCAPE

Working with Scape
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What is Scape?

SCAPE is the UK's leading public sector procurement authority, dedicated to creating spaces, places and experiences that leave a sustainable legacy within the community.

Since 2006, SCAPE has accelerated over 16,000 projects across the UK with their direct award frameworks, property services and innovative architectural designs.

Working with SCAPE is all about partnership, bringing together the brightest talent from the construction industry and the local economy. SCAPE projects are collaborative, compliant and fully performance managed to ensure delivery efficiency, taxpayer value, targeted local economic enrichment and offer a direct response to the climate emergency.

SCAPE operates with a buying power of £12bn and is actively performance managing over 1,800 live projects. SCAPE is a member of the National Association of Construction Frameworks (NACF) and in 2020 was named in 'The Sunday Times Top 100 Best Not-For-Profit Organisations to work for' in the UK.

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SCAPE Consultancy offers the most comprehensive suite of consultancy services available to the public sector.

Designed to give you instant access to the best strategic advisory services the industry has to offer, SCAPE Consultancy will help you to accelerate your projects with confidence, while amplifying the local economic, environmental and social impact of every scheme.

Perfect Circle exclusively delivers the Built Environment and Infrastructure frameworks for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Accessible to any public sector organisation, they offer the broadest range of professional services available in the construction industry, with each framework providing specialist support in each area.

With more than 35,000 professionals across multiple disciplines and services, SCAPE’s direct award approach means that Perfect Circle offers the fastest route to securing the advice you need.

So, you’ll be able to connect with experienced and locally-based project managers, surveyors, engineers and discipline experts on hand to deliver training, framework advice and support while accelerating your project forward with confidence.

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Our services include Project Management; Quantity Surveying; Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, Civil and Geotechnical Engineering; and Building Consultancy.

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