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A calculated approach: How embodied carbon is being 'designed out'

08 . 10 . 21
Michal pech Grijt N Gd g0 unsplash

In order to keep up with environmental shareholder concerns and public sector accountability, decisions need to be made with every undertaking to ensure they are as sustainable as possible. To this end, Perfect Circle’s preferred partner Tony Gee has developed a carbon calculator that can be integrated into each design stage, and automated with its BIM systems, to create design solutions that ‘design-out’ embodied carbon as work proceeds.

This integrated carbon calculator approach allows Tony Gee to produce an optimum design outcome factoring in a reduction of carbon within the design itself, rather than taking account of carbon afterwards.

The carbon calculator app has already been successfully trialed, involving a ‘heat map’ where different colours were used within a design to represent where the most and least embodied carbon occurs. Designers could then visibly see the results of reducing embodied carbon through ‘what if?’ scenarios.

You can read more about Tony Gee’s work here.

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