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Perfect Circle: An Annual Review

31 . 01 . 18
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By Alastair Hamilton, Leicester

MORE than 300 commissions and 132 clients are just the beginning of the Perfect Circle success story during the consortium’s first year of delivering projects through the Scape National Built Environment Consultancy Services (BECS) framework.

Alastair Hamilton, Framework Director, believes that the real success lies in the establishment of long term, strategic relationships and the ability to drive innovation and achieve better outcomes for our clients through a collaborative approach.

He said: “The first year of working together as Perfect Circle has been hugely successful – and not just when it comes to the number and breadth of projects being completed under the BECS framework.

“The culture we have created through Perfect Circle is one that is honest and transparent. It is focused on creating long term and meaningful relationships to meet strategic objectives which offer real benefits for our clients as well as our supply chain.

“Making a positive impact – whether that be on the communities in which we are working or on the industry as a whole – is integral to the Perfect Circle consortium. During the first year we have placed real emphasis on training and skills, offering employment opportunities as well as working with our supply chain; the benefits are tangible.”

Actively managing the supply chain

“One of the key successes from our first year is the way in which we have been able to manage and support our supply chain. By widening the net in terms of our supply chain partners, we have been able to offer our clients the very best range of skills to meet their particular project requirements. “In particular, the increased partnership with SME organisations has been a real highlight during the first year. Through using Perfect Circle, we have been able to offer members of the supply chain the opportunity to get involved with projects they may not otherwise have been able to access. Engaging with local organisations is a really important part of the Scape ethos and we have been able to very effectively tap into and leverage those skills throughout the first year. “Perfect Circle is currently working with Somerset County Council delivering Avalon Special School alongside six local SME sub-consultants, areas include specialist surveying, engineering, arboricultural and geotechnical consultants.”

Employment and skills

“Providing access to training and skills through a proactive Employment and Skills Plan, has allowed us to engage with schools across the country, support apprenticeships as well as creating new jobs across the UK. This is something that we are committed to and have been very pleased to continue through our work under the BECS framework alongside our partners.

“We have been able to positively respond to the pressures faced in the industry in terms of skills and training through the projects we are delivering as well as focusing on providing solutions and demonstrable value for our clients.”

Driving innovation

“As well as having a number of hugely positive social impacts through our work with our supply chain and training programmes, Perfect Circle is also driving innovation in terms of delivery which is something we are very proud of.

“For example, the much-discussed challenges facing the school system in terms of requirement for places, is something that by using innovative methods such as modular and system build we have been able to deliver solutions to support our clients’ needs. The same can be said about the application of modular construction and ‘off-site’ fabrication techniques in response to the housing crisis.”

Building strong foundations

During the first 12 months, Perfect Circle has secured over 300 commissions with fee 132 clients, of which 40 are first time users of the Scape frameworks.

Clients include local authorities from across the UK, schools, universities and colleges as well as central government and national infrastructure schemes. The team has also delivered projects in housing, blue light and health as well as arts and leisure schemes.

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