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Public private partnership – accelerating growth in the Northern Powerhouse?

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Annual UK Northern Powerhouse Conference 2017

21- 22 February 2017

In 2015 George Osborne spearheaded the debate of a “Northern Powerhouse” to boost the local economy by investing in skills, innovation, transport and culture, as well as devolving significant powers and budgets to directly elected mayors to ensure decisions in the north remain in the north.

A year on from the first UK Northern Powerhouse Conference in February 2016, the Scape Group will be attending the 2017 conference along with the framework partners. Perfect Circle will be taking the debate further by questioning how we achieve these expectations through partnership.

On Tuesday 21st February 2017 at 09.55 in the networking area of the Exchange Hall, in a debate introduced by John Humphrys; Richard Green, Brian McArdle and Jon Parry will debate the theme “Public private partnership – accelerating growth in the Northern Powerhouse, exploring how a focus on place, infrastructure, investment and delivery, can ensure positive development outcomes for the North.

A number of Scape Group projects will be used to demonstrate how delivering change through partnership will help ensure that the North of the future is a place where we want to live, work and raise our families? The team will also question how our approach to this challenge recognises the unique differences and social responsibility across the North and how the public sector can facilitate the desired solutions through investment?

Perfect Circle will be at the Scape Group stand 36 where further discussion can ensue. Appointments with team members can be made by following this link The structure and core values of Scape Group are ideally set up to respond to questions of place, infrastructure and investment and delivery. Scape, fully appreciate the role that the built environment plays in creating unique places that can be procured through a tried and tested, efficient service delivery.

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