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Stantec appointed via Perfect Circle to Benacre and Kessingland flood risk management project

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Stantec will create 1.8km of new flood defences, two pumping stations and 80 hectares of intertidal habitat on the Suffolk coast

Stantec has been appointed through Perfect Circle to deliver the detailed design for a flood risk management and intertidal habitat creation project on the Suffolk coast.

The existing coastal flood defence is eroding and becoming increasingly difficult to maintain at the retreating shoreline of Benacre and Kessingland. While maintenance is ongoing, the risk of inundation is increasing, threatening homes, businesses, farmland, and key infrastructure including the A12 regional transport route.

Property, construction and infrastructure consultancy Perfect Circle was appointed by Waveney, Lower Yare and Lothingland Internal Drainage Board, part of the Water Management Alliance, to undertake investigations, detailed design, and consent work to create 1.8km of new coastal flood defences. The project also includes a major new pumping station to replace an existing Environment Agency asset.

In addition, Stantec, a Perfect Circle Preferred Supply Partner, will create an area of intertidal saltmarsh habitat to help mitigate the effects of climate change, encourage biodiversity, and provide social value for local communities.

Stantec has extensive experience of designing land drainage pumping stations and outfalls in defended coastal locations, having worked on a 6km sea bank project for the Environment Agency and Internal Drainage Board on the Lincolnshire coast. In addition, Stantec pioneered, designed and managed the first fish friendly, fully encapsulated Archimedes screw pumping station in a land drainage setting in the UK. The team will call on this experience to overcome the challenges of environmentally sensitive coastal construction.

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Commenting on the appointment, Simon Darch, Director, Stantec, said: “Historically, saltmarshes were converted to agricultural and development land, especially during the 18th and 19th centuries. Reversing that trend and restoring saltmarsh habitat can deliver benefits for the climate as well as flood and coastal risk management. This project will make homes and infrastructure safer and create 80 hectares of new intertidal habitat. Critical freshwater resources will be protected, and a safer national coastal footpath route will be created benefitting communities, wildlife, the tourism industry and the local economy.”

The appointment of Stantec through Perfect Circle was accelerated by the direct award SCAPE Consultancy framework, which drives collaboration, efficiency, time and cost savings for partners.

Perfect Circle managing director Victoria Brambini said: “I’m delighted that Stantec via Perfect Circle and SCAPE Consultancy has been appointed by Waveney, Lower Yare and Lothingland Internal Drainage Board to deliver vital services to create 1.8km of new coastal flood defences and restore the sensitive saltmarsh habitat. Their choice of procurement route using our SCAPE Consultancy framework sees them benefit from real-time cost efficiencies.

“As a trusted partner, Stantec will also provide economic, social and environmental benefits and the project will be the catalyst for regeneration and development - a major role in improving the wellbeing, inclusion and prospects of the local community.”

Mark Robinson, group chief executive at SCAPE added: “We ensure social, economic, and environmental benefits sit at the core of each one of our projects, and we are committed to delivering these values throughout this programme. The delivery of 1.8km of vital new flood defences at Benacre and Kessingland will provide invaluable advantages to the local communities, not only by improving the area in which they live but by ensuring it is safeguarded for many years to come.”

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