Striving for net zero: How to help local authorities reach their carbon neutral goals

20 . 09 . 21
Marc olivier jodoin Nq O In J ttq M unsplash

IN order to support the UK’s ambition to become carbon neutral by 2050, local authorities across the country are seeking ways to make their estates more efficient. To ensure commercial viability innovation is required, which is where founding partner and shareholder of Perfect Circle Pick Everard has been able to step in.

The firm has been working with local authorities to explore energy efficient infrastructure and building solutions. This could be through land disposal, refurbishing existing facilities or sourcing potential revenue streams for existing sites. This is particularly useful when considering highways/waste depot sites.

Pick Everard has stressed that utilising methods that work towards net zero carbon targets can also financially benefit local authorities. One example is to better utlise waste coming into recycling depots, such as re-sale to the general public or creating workshop spaces for items to be upcycled. This then benefits the circular economy while also reducing landfill waste.

Perfect Circle shares in the aims to support public sector sustainability You can read more about what Pick Everard has been up to here.

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