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26 . 05 . 23
London School of Hygiene Tropical Medicine building

In the latest of our Team in Focus features, we spoke with John Treble of JRP Solutions, a Perfect Circle supply chain partner, about the business and what the biggest challenge to the public sector when tacking net zero head-on.

What is your role at JRP Solutions?

I founded The Green Consultancy over thirty years ago and am now Client Services Director. We have been part of JRP Solutions for about six years.

What attracted JRP Solutions to joining Perfect Circle supply chain?

In the past we have partnered with Gleeds to deliver services to several clients, including the University of Chester. It was Gleeds that encouraged us to join with Perfect Circle as a supply chain partner.

Tell us more about what JRP Solutions does.

JRP Solutions provides consultancy services on Net Zero carbon strategy, carbon life cycle assessments, decarbonisation plans and long-term support to reach targets.

As well as all aspects of energy consultancy such as policy, strategy, project identification, feasibility studies, project implementation, BMS & DHS optimisation, monitoring and targeting, training, behaviour and culture change, we also help with legal compliance such ESOS, EUETS, CHPQA, SECR and standards – such as ISO 50001 and 14000.

On the sustainability side, we advise on waste minimisation, environmental management systems, environmental audits, procurement, sustainable construction, sustainable development goals, and energy and facilities management services outsourcing.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing your clients in the public sector in the next decade?

The biggest challenge facing our clients in the public sector in the next decade is developing a Net Zero strategy and implementing it – in particular decarbonising buildings, although they represent only about 10% to 30% of carbon emissions.

Can you share a few examples of how you’re supporting public sector bodies in the UK?

We have worked for two thirds of the UK higher education estate, over 130 NHS trusts and many other public sector bodies such as police and local and central government. These include Net Zero strategies for NHS Blood and Transplant Trust, and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (pictured above).

We are currently working on a Decarbonisation Plan for Canterbury Christ Church University, and have audited Carbon Accounting for University of Oxford. We have also optimised and redesigned district heating for the University of Bristol - reducing gas consumption by a massive 60%.

What specialist skills do you bring to Perfect Circle’s supply chain?

JRP Solutions brings the ability to provide everything from board-level strategy through to implementation support for all aspects of Net Zero carbon, including the most technical aspects.

Langford 3 of 4 boilers
University of Bristol | JRP Solutions redesigned the district heating, reducing gas consumption by 60%.

What are the biggest opportunities for growth in our industry in the next decade?

The biggest opportunities for growth in our industry in the next decade correspond to the above challenges for clients, namely Net Zero and decarbonisation. The biggest obstacle is recruiting enough good staff!

What changes are you making to your business and the projects that you undertake to limit your carbon footprint and address the drive to net zero?

The very nature of our business is to help minimise the environmental impacts of other businesses particularly from an energy and carbon perspective, but our obligation goes beyond our core business activities. We are B Corp and ISO 50001 certified, and have established our own Net Zero trajectory using the science based target (SBT) tool. We are committed to being a net zero Greenhouse Gas organisation by 2030.

What has been the favourite project you have worked on personally?

My favourite project of the past year was the Net Zero strategy for NHS Blood and Transplant Trust – their Strategy Manager was brilliant at ensuring that the report was effectively presented to the board. We couldn’t have asked for than that!

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