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COVID-19 pandemic: Perfect Circle is supporting its supply chain

03 . 04 . 20
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In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Perfect Circle has reinforced its commitment to ensuring fair and faster payments to its extensive supply chain.

The Cabinet Office has published its COVID-19, PPN 02/20 public procurement note, which sets out information and guidance for public bodies on payment of their suppliers to ensure service continuity during and after the current coronavirus outbreak.

The action note requires local authorities to pay suppliers even when they are unable to continue to deliver in accordance with current contractual requirements as a result of COVID-19-related disruption.

Victoria Brambini, managing director at Perfect Circle, said: “We’re living in such unprecedented times and we are aware that many suppliers are experiencing a range of difficulties and challenges.

“We recognise that payment and supporting our supply chain is extremely important and we work hard to ensure our suppliers are paid within 30 days of us receiving an invoice for completed work.

“Our teams are working efficiently and safely during these times. We’re continuing to pay our suppliers as quickly as possible to help their cashflow and ensure projects move forward as we recognise their services on many public sector schemes are crucial.

"We’re also continuing to explore ways we can improve our payment terms during these difficult times."

Perfect Circle works exclusively on Scape Group's National Built Environment Consultancy Services (BECS) framework, which offers the most extensive property, construction and infrastructure consultancy services to the public sector.

The framework allows direct award for commissioning services with full public procurement compliance and significantly reduces the time needed for brief preparation – enabling earlier delivery of projects and programmes.

Becoming a local supply chain partner for Perfect Circle gives SMEs access to more than 1,000 public sector bodies.

Victoria added: “The current situation continues to rapidly change and, as a nation, we’re finding ourselves in unchartered waters in terms of what we’re facing.

"We’re ready to work with our supply chain to navigate the challenges and uncertainty generated by coronavirus, providing appropriate support wherever possible.

“The industry must collaboration to operate. Together, we can help our clients focus on improving the lives of their communities by delivering quality public services from better buildings.”

Please contact your Regional Lead, Nigel McCarthy or Victoria Brambini if we can be of any assistance during these difficult times.

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