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Infrastructure investment: The key to pandemic recovery and tackling climate control

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Gleeds, one of Perfect Circle’s shareholders and founding partners, has shared expert insight on major issues facing the sector in its first energy and infrastructure report, titled ‘Holding your nerve’.

The new report explores three key issues to achieving sustainable infrastructure in an uncertain world: the need to respond to the climate crisis, the challenges in the wake of Covid-19, and solutions for how best to overcome these issues.

With the material price index rising and construction job vacancies at a record high, the pressure is likely to cause cost escalation. There is also uncertainty surrounding the level of government investment and the level of funding following Covid-19 pandemic support spending.

In a recent webinar by Gleeds, despite these challenges, the firm explores why now is the time to invest in infrastructure. Projects will not get cheaper and by delaying delivery the benefits will be postponed. You can read the full report here.

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