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Maintaining Engagement in Lockdown webisode: Survey results

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Think back to February 2020 – our world today doesn’t resemble the one it was just three months ago. In the blink of an eye, coronavirus has changed our lives, habits and daily rituals.

While nobody would choose to go through this crisis, it has become an accelerator for one of the biggest workplace transformations in our lifetime.

Ahead of our Maintaining Engagement in Lockdown webisode, which takes place tomorrow (Friday, 15 May) at 2pm, we conducted a survey to gain valuable insights into how these unprecedented times have altered our working lives.

Below, you can see the full results or click here to download them.

From Microsoft Teams and WebEx to Zoom and FaceTime – the way we connect with others, whether that’s friends and family or colleagues and clients, changed overnight.

All communication outside our own households is now being exclusively delivered virtually.

Our survey results showed that, prior to the lockdown, 70.27% of respondents were attending between one and five face-to-face meetings each week, with 24.32% reporting more than five.

Just 5.41% of respondents said they attended no meetings each week.


The commute was something you either loved or hated.

In the summer, it possibly meant a nice walk in the morning, but in winter, it often meant navigating icy conditions.

Before those who could were encouraged to work from home, 63.89% of our respondents travelled to work by car, 22.22% used public transport with the remaining 11.11% and 2.78% choosing to walk or take another mode of transportation respectively.


One positive to come out of the lockdown has been that workers have significantly reduced the amount of time they spend commuting daily.

The 10.8% of our respondents who said they travelled more than 30 miles to and from work each day are probably enjoying now only having to go downstairs to their new working stations!


Internal communication and good technology has never been as important as it is now to keep collaboration active and employee morale up.

It was encouraging to see that more than 91% of respondents said they have been kept well informed throughout the pandemic.

More than 97% also said they have access to the resources and technology they need to be able to do their jobs well – ensuring that service levels are maintained regardless of office location.


With time spent commuting now being drastically reduced – as well as less time spent travelling to meetings – a collective 59.45% of respondents said they now feel that they have more free time since working from home.

In fact, 2.7% of people said they feel as if they have a lot more spare time.


We asked respondents if there are any new routines they have adopted during the lockdown that they would like to continue once everything returns to normal. Some of the answers included:


When it comes to what our respondents have learnt from the experience, there was a reoccurring theme – that people are able to adapt much more easily and quicker than they ever imagined.

And, of course, people have also realised the benefits of virtual meetings for reducing travel time and also helping the planet by reducing their carbon footprint.


And finally, we asked people how they would describe their working from home experience – with the majority (56.75%) stating that they have learnt a lot and it will positively change how they work in the future.

40.54% said they have adapted but are keen to get back into the office, with the remaining 2.7% unfortunately facing difficulty on a day to day basis.


Our Maintaining Engagement in Lockdown webisode will look at how this new normal way of working has had to evolve to keep employees engaged and ensure productivity is maintained, while also reassuring clients and stakeholders.

Speakers include:

It is part of the new and virtual CC Live series, hosted by Cartwright Communications. The series of webcasts or ‘webisodes’ have been designed to help everyone stay connected. They are short, snappy and informative broadcasts, professional produced and presented by a former TV presenter.

Each episode features conversations with industry leaders from a variety of sectors – followed by a live Q&A session – as everyone works through the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

There’s still chance to join us for our first CC Live episode – all you need to do is register for free. We look forward to seeing you there!

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