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Public Sector Asset and Estate Management Conference

05 . 12 . 17
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Whichever publication or study one picks up assessing the issues facing the UK, the subject of housing supply is quickly raised as a major concern.

The number of new homes needed per annum increases year on year, with much of the emphasis placed on new build products. Scape Procure and Perfect Circle JV will be presenting at the forthcoming Public Sector Asset and Estate Management Conference on Tuesday 6th December at the Scape Procure seminar, Asset Management Strategy to Meet Housing Needs.

Darren Crocker Head of Property and Asset Management at Gleeds, Ross Logie Associate Director at AECOM and Krish Raichura Framework Manager Consultancy at Scape Procure will be presenting using live case study material and will be joined by Lucy Carraz, Director Asset Advisory at AECOM for the panel discussion afterwards.

The discussion will focus on how an effective asset management strategy can fulfil multiple public sector challenges: meeting housing demand, maximising the efficiency in maintaining current assets and creating value from surplus assets in cash and non-cash terms.

Recognising the resourcing pressures faced, the seminar will look at innovative contracting structures and creative sustainable architecture/design solutions to help accelerate programmes and the benefits they deliver.

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